About Dr. Chou

Dr. Jennifer Chou

Dr. Chou is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She is the second generation Oriental Medicine doctor in her family. She began her education of herbal medicines with her father when she was young and eventually pursued her own career in alternative medicine. Dr. Chou holds a Ph.D. degree from American Liberty University. She specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and clinical nutrition.

As a practitioner, Dr. Chou is recognized for her intuition as well as high caliber in differential diagnosis. In addition to highly effective external treatment procedures (acupuncture, cupping, etc.), she specializes in customizing herbal medicine based on diagnosis. She is a trusted caregiver who uses her vast knowledge and experience to restore her clients back to wellness.

Dr. Chou is also a multitasking mom who loves bringing her natural health practices home to her three beautiful girls.


"I have been smoking for 40 years and a few years ago I started to develop a hissing noise from my lungs whenever I took deep breaths, especially during exercise or any physical exertion. After a series of visits to my regular doctor and taking prescription medication, the symptoms remained. My friend recommended an alternative treatment; I went to Dr. Chou's Clinic for help. She made me an herbal drink to take as medication. I took the solution once in the morning and once at night, as directed. To my surprise, I woke up and the hissing noise was completely gone! I am so happy that just two doses of the herbal drink cured my chronic breathing issues. From now on, she will be the first doctor that I consult. I would recommend Dr. Chou to anyone seeking alternative medical care. Thank you, Doctor Chou! I am so lucky and grateful to have found you!" -Eric

"I've just had my 2nd session with Dr. Chou, and feel more limber in my lower back than I have in the last 9 months of physical therapy and massage!! I am holding back on being too enthusiastic until I've gone a few more times, but something has shifted" ... "because of her treatment. It's almost like my whole nervous system has had a chance to release and calm down.....hope it continues....thank you Dr. Chou." -Scott

"I twisted my waist while gardening and went to see my family doctor and urgent care next day. I couldn't straighten my back because it was so painful. I was hunched over and needed to use a walking stick to walk even very slowly. Even analgesic and steroid injections didn't work for me. That night, I called Dr. Chou ( I was referred by my friend). After listening to my situation, she told me to visit her clinic right away. There, she treated me with acupuncture and other traditional Chinese treatment. After an hour-long treatment, I could straighten my back a little bit, and walk by myself. Although I still walked slowly, the pain was not so bad after just the first session. I went for a second treatment the following day, and was 90% better. Now, I am fully recovered and can even dance again. Thank you, Dr. Chou, you are the best!" - Joyce

"Dr. Chou’s acupuncture clinic has helped me tremendously as an athlete. I participate in both cross country and track and field in high school. Year round training, running about 10 miles a day plus extraneous speed workouts on the track, have taken their toll on my body. Even before the official start of the track season in my senior year, I have had problem with my knees and calves. The pain kept increasing every workout. One day after workout, the pain had gotten so bad, I told my coach about my aching knees. My coach suggested ice bath and ibuprofen. I had known many teammates that take ibuprofen prior to training grew to depend on the pain killer. They use higher and higher dosage until the ibuprofen ruins their stomach. Most of the people eventually had to quit the sport due to the pain. Just at that critical moment, I learned of Dr. Chou‘s clinic.

I called Dr. Chou about my aching knees, and she took me in that same evening. The first time she put the needles in my knees, I admit, I was very scared. As if she understood my fear, Dr. Chou only used a few needles to get me used to the idea of acupuncture. The first treatment was a breeze. When I returned to practice the next day, my coach gave me permission to cut my run shorter if my knees started to hurt. I completed the entire practice with the lead pack and my knees were fine. I realized the treatment was working. Two days later, I went back to Dr. Chou‘s clinic. I have been a regular at her clinic for the past 5 months since December 2010. Dr. Chou slowly introduced me to the treatment process. As I become more accepting to the treatment, she was able to use more needles and longer needles. Now, I’m so relaxed during the treatment, she has to wake me up after each treatment.

The idea with acupuncture is to assist one’s body to improve metabolism and circulations as the body is generally capable of healing itself. It is a natural treatment that doe not have any undesirable side effects. Dr. Chou has helped me with my knee pain‘loosen my tight tendons in heel, and back areas, and relaxed my calves and back muscles. She has also cleared the acne on my face and stopped a sore throat from developing into a common cold. Before our biggest invitational, Arcadia Invitational, I pulled my hamstring two days before the meet. With some quick treatments from Dr. Chou, I was able to run a mile with the time of 4: 14 for our distance medley relay. Dr. Chou’s acupuncture clinic gets down to the root cause of the symptoms, and gets rid of the problem by helping our body to heal itself. If you have any health issues, I would strongly recommend that you come and try this superior natural treatment with Dr. Chou. She is knowledgeable and gentle. You will be as pleasantly surprised as I was." -Elliot

"I am afraid of needles, so when my friend, Grace, suggested that I visit Dr. Chou to get some acupuncture treatments instead of getting a massage every week to release my muscle spasms, my first reaction was “No!”

For the last month, I noticed that the frequency of my muscle spasms increased due to increased stress. It started affecting my performance at work and personal life at home, I told myself that I had to do something!

To my surprise, when I sat down with Dr. Chou, she didn't ask me to lay down on the treatment table to start the treatments. Instead, we spoke face to face as she calmly evaluated my overall condition. She checked on my appearance, listened what my issues were, read my pulse with her fingers, checked the shape and color my tongue.

She explained that wellness is not just alleviating the superficial symptoms that appears on our bodies, it complete physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In order to come up with the best treatment, she needed to understand my overall condition. Conditions can be treated externally with acupressure or acupuncture. They can be treated internally using herbs medicine.

According to Dr. Chou's diagnosis, my lack of energy and frequent muscle spasm stem from a blockage of internal energy flow on the left side of my body. I agreed with her explanation and description of symptoms. By the time she put some needles on my body, amazingly, my fear of needles was totally gone. I was at complete ease and my muscle spasms immediately relaxed.

Since visiting Dr. Chou, the frequency of my muscle cramps and spasms have reduced, my energy level has increased, and my life is totally turned around, I am happy and alive again!

Thank You Dr. Chou!" - Maggie